WWE Raw Star Opens Up About His Struggles With Reading Dyslexia

WWE Raw Set

A current star on the Raw brand has opened up about his struggles with dyslexia and explained WWE approached them about attending a reading class.

Former Raw Tag Team Champion Otis has explained his issues with dyslexia on social media as he says he’s feeling “cool” at having completed reading his first-ever full book:

“Feelin’ Cool and Excited to finish my FIRST EVER Book From Front to Back PET SEMATARY
About a Year and half ago @wwe Approached me to get into Reading Class My Family and Friends know but here on the Social I’m here to tell you guys I’ve always had Bad Reading Dyslexia since I was in Elementary School”

“My pronouncing is Alright but my Comprehension has always been Juicy for me I’m embarrassed about it at times but Really can’t do much about it besides do what we all do JUST GET THROUGH IT Day By Day”

Otis continued by giving his thoughts on Pet Sematary and says he’s already looking forward to cracking open The Shining:

“When Kimberly Swedberg became My Teacher she asked me what stories I’m into I of course said “Anything Horror” But I mentioned one Movie that scared the Sh#t out of me as a kid and still gets me Which is Stephen King’s PET SEMATARY Kimmy goes “I’ll see what I can do” I’ve been hearin’ for years from many how much Better the books are than the movies 🎥 Didn’t believe it til now The 2 characters that scared me in the story was Timmy Baterman and Zelda After reading this book, they seemed 10 times more evil and scary GOOD LORD!”

“The Story itself had like 5 things that go into great detail that the Awesome Movie Didin’t have that made you love and invest in the Characters even more To me this Story was always so damn terrifying, depressing, and emotional Pulls at your Heart strings and makes you go WHAT THE HELL THANK YOU @wwe THANK YOU “KIMMY” Kim Swedberg for being the Best instructor and teacher Especially your patience with me hahahaha Onto the Next One…..THE SHINING ✊🏻 – (OTIS) Niko”