WWE Star Details Giving Mercedes Mone A Receipt – “I Kicked The Soul Out Of Her”

Mercedes Mone

Zelina Vega has reflected on things getting a little too real with Mercedes Mone in the ring after Mone nailed her a little too hard during a match.

Speaking on Wrestling With Freddie, Vega noted that she delivered a receipt to Mercedes Mone during the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble match after the star nailed Vega a little too hard in a previous bout:

“There was a point back when Sasha had just come out to save Bianca from Carmella and I. She had hit me with the Meteora and dude, I felt like my orbital bone broke. I was like, oh my God. Of course, she was super apologetic and whatever, but then I was like, girl you got a receipt coming. I was so mad. She’s like, okay, cool, whatever.

“Royal Rumble happens and I knew I was gonna eliminate her and I was like, this is my moment. I think I kicked the soul out of her. I kicked her so hard. She flew back and she landed on the floor. I see her just shaking her head and I knew she knew that was what I was waiting for. Of course, we were fine afterwards and it was funny, but I remember Rhea going, ‘She was waiting for that one.’ Yep, that’s the one.”

Zelina Vega then took to social media afterward to quell some of the outrage shown by Mone’s fans as a result of her comments and told them to put the pitchforks away:

Lol guys, it was all in good fun. Don’t take everything so seriously. If you actually hear the interview, you see that I was laughing remembering those times because her and I knew it was just jokes and apart of it all. Pitchforks away and breathe”

Zelina Vega also discussed the reasons behind WWE wanting to add her to Legado del Fantasma when Santos Escobar’s group graduated to the main roster.