WWE Star Makes Shock Appearance At Indie Event

WWE logo over blurred Brooks Jensen Lexis King

A rising WWE star stunned fans at a local event.

In recent weeks, Brooks Jensen has let it be known he is far from happy with his standing in NXT. The son of former WWE Superstar Bull Buchannan has railed against the company on several occasions and he’s been turned away from the Performance Center and live events.

Jensen even took to social media to tease jumping to TNA in light of Jordynne Grace appearing in NXT to challenge Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez. The star’s comments and behaviour have led some fans to question whether the storyline is more real than they first believed.

To add fuel to the fire, Jenson showed up during a commercial break on the latest episode of NXT and got into a heated argument with Booker T and Vic Joseph before security got involved. After much yelling, Jensen was pulled away by the time the show resumed. Although the incident wasn’t referenced directly, Joseph said things were looking disheveled and Booker referenced “that kid” commenting that he hopes he’s okay when back from the commercial. break.

Brooks Jensen Takes Shot At WWE Fans

On June 8th, Jenson showed up at Bull Pen Pro Wrestling in Georgia. Jensen’s father runs the promotion and the NXT star wrestled on their cards before eventually making his way to WWE.

A fan in the crowd shared footage of Jensen’s appearance on social media and the star posted it on his own feed with the caption “Am I working you now.” Pushing further into the grey area between fiction and reality.