WWE Star Makes In-Ring Debut At Long Last

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One WWE star may well be saying “thank you” to their coaches after Maxxine Dupri made her in-ring debut on Monday Night Raw.

Dupri had previously been the manager of the Maximum Male Models and seemed to want to recruit Otis to a new life of high fashion and excessive pouting. But Chad Gable did not want to give up his top student without a fight. And so, in a major pivot in the storyline, Maxxine Dupri instead joined up with Gable and Otis in Alpha Academy.

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Since then, Dupri has been molded into an in-ring competitor by Gable and the training seems to be paying off as she has grown increasingly confident when confronted by the terrifying Valhalla in recent weeks.

On Monday Night Raw in Baltimore, MD Maxxine Dupri made her in-ring debut as part of a six-person tag team match that saw her team with Gable and Otis against Valhalla and The Viking Raiders. Improbably Maxxine Dupri picked up the win for her team via sunset flip receiving a huge ovation from the crowd.

The win gives Dupri a 100% record in WWE and while that was just one match, nobody realized what it meant at the time when The Undertaker won just one match against Jimmy Snuka at WrestleMania 7 or when Goldberg defeated Hugh Morrus on Nitro in September 1997. The future for Maxxine Dupri could be bright.