Ex-WWE Star Explains Why Jacob Fatu Is A Special Talent

Solo Sikoa Jacob Fatu WWE

A former WWE star believes that the company has struck gold by bringing Jacob Fatu into the company.

Jacob Fatu made his presence felt on the June 21st episode of WWE SmackDown. It was the official WWE debut of the Tonga Kid’s son, who is Rikishi’s nephew, which means he is the cousin of The Usos and the current leader of The Bloodline, Solo Sikoa.

When Jacob appeared in the ring, he helped Solo, Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa of The Bloodline take care of big names like the WWE Champion Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton & Kevin Owens. Jacob ended his emphatic beatdown by leaping off the top rope and giving Cody a Superfly Splash through the commentary table.

During Jacob’s second appearance on WWE TV on the June 28th edition of Smackdown, he joined up with The Bloodline to attack Paul Heyman, who refused to call Solo his Tribal Chief. Jacob hit Heyman with a top rope headbutt. After that, the group including Jacob gave Heyman a Powerbomb through the commentary table.

Matt Hardy is a WWE legend with over 30 years of experience in pro wrestling. While speaking on his podcast The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt gushed about Jacob and what his signing will mean for WWE.

“I do gotta say, I’m very, very excited Jacob Fatu got to show up in WWE. He’s someone that, since I met him, I’ve loved him. He’s been great. Really excited for him. I think his future is limitless. I think he’s gonna be incredible going forward.”

Jacob Fatu Is “Special” According To Matt Hardy

As Matt continued, he spoke about how Jacob Fatu is respectful and as a performer, he has an extremely high ceiling in terms of what he can be in WWE.

“First and foremost, he’s just been so respectful towards me and Jeff. Big into The Hardys when he was coming up. He’s just such a down-to-earth, on-the-level guy. Much like most Samoans, really just a cool Uce. Just such a cool cat. He is so insanely talented. He’s a big guy, he can move, he’s strong. He can do it all. I am very, very excited to see him on the WWE plane and see how great he can become. I think his ceiling is extremely, extremely high. I think he’s a guy who can be a leader there. He’s special.”

At WWE Money in the Bank on July 6th, the trio of Rhodes, Orton & Owens will face The Bloodline in a six-man tag team match. It’s not known what trio will represent The Bloodline as of yet, but Jacob Fatu may miss the show taking place in Toronto due to his past legal issues. Jacob was arrested at age 18 due to a robbery, which may prevent him from being able to enter Canada. Due to that, The Bloodline trio at Money in the Bank could be Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa while Jacob stays home.

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