WWE Star Hit With Monster Fine And Sent Home

Bron Breakker celebrates on WWE NXT - Blur

An out-of-control WWE star has been hit with a huge fine from Adam Pearce.

Since being drafted to Monday Night Raw, Bron Breakker has been on a mission to cause as much chaos as possible.

After being left out of the King of the Ring tournament, Breakker sent Kale Dixon off in an ambulance, before doing his best to destroy Ricochet.

On the May 27th episode of the red brand, Ricochet was out for revenge and asked General Manager Adam Pearce for a match with the former NXT Champion. However, the high-flyer was told Breakker was suspended, and instead ended up in a match with Ilja Dragunov.

Despite his suspension and fine, Breakker attacked both men during the match, all but breaking them in half.

In a new update on Instagram, Pearce addressed Breakker and told him (in storyline) that he’s tripled his fine while sending him home again.

“I’m going to try and directly appeal to you this way because appearances matter. I’ve looked back on what the general public has seen and they’ve seen us together on Monday Night Raw and frankly, I’m embarrassed. You’re defiant, leaving bodies in the wake, and me screaming at you like I’m your dad disappointed at your report card.

That’s not what I want the general public to be left with because what I had hoped we achieved Bron Breakker when I drafted you to Monday Night Raw was a level of respect and mutual respect where you and I could look at each other in the eye, say what needed to be said and accomplish the business at hand. But we’re not there.

The aspect of professional wrestling that I’ve been very good at over the past 30 years, the one that sees me sit in front of you as Raw general manager, is that 99 times out of a 100, I can get in a room filled with ego and bad intentions and make two people who have zero interest of talking to one another sit at a table and get the job done. I have failed miserably doing that with you. I have taken your spotlight and suspended you and told you to sit your ass at home, I have appealed to you financially by taking money out of your wallet and nothing, as of yet, has worked.

You have stared me in the eyes with a vacancy and dare I say hatred and told me that I cannot control you. I will look at you again like I have and tell you, I’m not trying to control you Bron. I do not want to control you, I want you to control you. I see the same thing that everyone else sees, a hall of fame pedigree and every potential possible under the sun. There’s a reason I went out of my way to pull whatever strings I could to draft you to the red brand.

I want you to be on Monday Night Raw for today and for tomorrow and for the future because I believe in Bron Breakker. I believe in Bron Breakker. I can’t say it any clearer than that. I tripled your fine and I sent you home again. I’m done trying to talk to you like a man, because maybe you’re not. Maybe you just are a dog faced gremlin.”

Has WWE Seen The Last Of Becky Lynch?

While Bron Breakker will undoubtedly be back on WWE television soon, the same can’t be said for Becky Lynch.

The former Women’s Champion lost out to Liv Morgan in a Cage Match in the main event of Raw, and it’s no secret her current contract ends very soon. According to the most recent report on the situation, Becky Lynch will be taking a hiatus and isn’t in a rush to sign with WWE or AEW.

Despite the apparent stalemate, it’s believed Lynch will eventually sign a new contract and return to WWE.

Lynch’s husband Seth Rollins recently signed a new deal with WWE as the company also gave new deals to stars such as Finn Balor and Drew McIntyre.

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