WWE Star Could Be Heading For Official Name Change

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On SmackDown, Karrion Kross continued his march to an eventual showdown with the recently returned Shinsuke Nakamura but what he had to say about another WWE star caught the attention of fans.

Nakamura returned to WWE television for the first time in five months on the 14th of April edition of SmackDown where he picked up a quick win over Madcap Moss. The Japanese star clearly caught the attention of Karrion Kross and on SmackDown in Columbus, Ohio, Kross had a message for Nakamura.

Kross ran down some of the other people he’s feuded with in recent months on SmackDown to build to an eventual showdown with Nakamura. One of those people was Madcap Moss who Kross defeated on the blue brand twice in late 2022 and again as part of a mixed tag team match also involving Scarlett and Emma in early 2023.

What caught the attention of fans watching, however, was that Kross referred to his foe by his former name Riddick Moss. Moss only became ‘Madcap’ in late 2021 after teaming up with the then-Happy Corbin.

Moss’ girlfriend Emma has referred to him as Riddick over the past few weeks and she is in the process of trying to get him to stop listening to fans and listen to her guidance instead which could see him turn heel – and a less wacky name might suit that.

However, WWE’s roster page still lists the star as Madcap Moss so it seems the name change is not 100% official as of yet and that the company may still be in the midst of phasing out the ‘Madcap’ moniker.