WWE Star Wants To Finish Story By Beating GUNTHER

GUNTHER WWE Intercontinental Champion

A veteran WWE superstar wants to finish his own story by trying to take GUNTHER’s Intercontinental Title.

The phrase “finish the story” is something that WWE has pushed heavily since Cody Rhodes returned to the company in 2022. Cody talked about wanting to be WWE Champion the way his father Dusty Rhodes never was.

Since then, Cody has talked about finishing his story while claiming it was WWE announcer Michael Cole who came up with that tagline. That line has also been used for the WWE 2K24 video game and it continues to be used by the company in Cody’s quest to become WWE Champion.

There is another long-term champion in the WWE men’s division who has a target on his back. That is GUNTHER, who has been Intercontinental Champion since June 2022 and recently passed 600 days as the longest reigning IC Champion ever.

Many top WWE stars have challenged Gunther for the IC Title including future Hall of Famers like Sheamus & Drew McIntyre, but one man who has brought the fight to dominant IC Champion is Chad Gable. In the summer of 2023, Gable had multiple attempts to beat Gunther, nearly did it and is now hoping for another shot.

Chad Gable told the Battleground Podcast that he is still coming for the Intercontinental Champion.

“For those that didn’t see I went through a period through the late summer and early fall with with Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. He’s on this insane run right now, a record-setting run with the title. I don’t think I ever got closure with [his feud with Gunther]. I feel like there was still some loose ends left there, that could still be tied up.”

“So first and foremost, if I had it my way I’d like to finish that up. I’d like to finish that story. I’d like to win that championship and really solidify myself as a singles guy, finally.”

“I’ve kind of always had this stigma attached to me that I’m a tag team wrestler, and I think winning my first singles championship is my chance to break free from that for good. So, that would be my goal.”

GUNTHER Set For Six-Man Tag Team Action On WWE Raw

While Chad Gable hopes to get another shot at Gunther some day down the road, another man that is focused on the Intercontinental Champion is Jey Uso, who wants singles gold for the first time in his career.

On tonight’s February 12th edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, GUNTHER teams up with his Imperium allies Giovanni Vinci & Ludwig Kaiser against The New Day’s Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods, along with Jey Uso.

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