Top WWE Star Says Gunther “Backed Out” Of Facing Them

Gunther WWE

Is Gunther really ducking a top WWE star?

Since signing with WWE in 2019 Gunther has established himself as one of the most dominant stars of the modern era. The impressive Austrian holds records for the longest reigns with the Intercontinental and United Kingdom Titles while delivering acclaimed matches at every turn.

A number of those acclaimed and hard-hitting matches have involved Sheamus — the latest coming on Raw in the King of the Ring tournament.

However, according to one star, Gunther isn’t ready to step into the ring with everyone.

While appearing on The Bump, Bobby Lashley claimed the star had “backed out” of a match between the pair, something he’d requested several times.

“One person that I’d like to get my hands on because they’ve kept us really far apart for so long is Gunther. [Hosts bring up what Gunther did to Sheamus] Oh, yeah, I’m really nervous about that [laughs]. I’m not the one…look, I’ve asked for this matchup several times. I even asked him. He didn’t want to. He backed out.”

Sheamus Rules Out Gunther Rematch

As usual, the match between Gunther and Sheamus on Raw was stunningly hard-hitting with both men wearing the scars of battle come the final bell. After receiving a standing ovation following the match, Sheamus wrote on social media that there won’t be another rematch.

Meanwhile, Nick Aldis has announced Bobby Lashley has been pulled from King of the Ring after suffering an undisclosed injury. Lashley had been due to face Tama Tonga on SmackDown in the first round, but his place has been taken by Angelo Dawkins.

H/t to Fightful