WWE Star Gives Another Tease Before Gimmick Change

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One of the stars of WWE has given another tease of a big change to his gimmick.

Los Lotharios – Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo – appeared to be on the verge of going their separate ways after a falling out during the July 18th edition of NXT due to losing to Dragon Lee and Nathan Frazer.

Only a few weeks later, though, a video was shown of the cousins exchanging texts about their grandfather, legendary EMLL star Humberto Garza, who they agreed they should be honouring. Garza later posted the video on social media and claimed that NXT is going to “have the best version of Angel Garza you’ve ever seen.”

Another package aired on the latest episode that was presented as a dream sequence showing highlights of Garza and Carrillo with a voiceover of their grandfather explaining the importance of family and saying it was time for a new beginning for the pair.

“The time has come, no more games, no more distractions, tear away your past for a new beginning… But a new beginning together.”

Garza again took to social media after the show, this time posting a picture of him with his grandfather.

“A dream can change your mind”

When did Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo return to NXT?

Garza and Carrillo were originally paired up as a team on SmackDown in September 2021 but saw little success on the blue brand, losing most of their matches to more established teams.

During the 2023 draft, the pair were moved to Raw, but had no matches there as a team. They resurfaced on the June 13th edition of NXT, attacking Axiom and Scrypts before making their intentions to join the developmental brand’s tag team division clear.