WWE Star Sends Message With Forgotten Finishing Move On Raw

The Judgment Day WWE

WWE Crown Jewel is on the horizon and the tension was raised for one grudge match thanks to Damian Priest breaking out his abandoned finishing move.

Damian Priest and Cody Rhodes will clash at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia with the men being at each other’s throats for months. Rhodes and Jey Uso successfully wrestled away the WWE Tag Team Championship from Priest and Finn Balor only for The Judgment Day duo to win them back in short order thanks to a superkick from Jimmy Uso on his brother.

The tension has continued to rise between Rhodes and Priest in recent weeks and with a match between the two men at Crown Jewel drawing ever nearer it reached fever pitch on Raw.

In the night’s main event, Damian Priest took on Sami Zayn in a match Priest won by disqualification after all manner of interference. What was noticeable before things broke down, however, was Priest broke out his former finishing move The Reckoning on Zayn. Priest stopped using The Reckoning when Cody Rhodes returned to WWE as it is the same move as Cross Rhodes. However, Priest was surely trying to antagonise The American Nightmare by using it, even if just for one night only.

Cody Rhodes Targets Damian Priest With Famous Dusty Rhodes Line On WWE Raw

The match broke down with interference from The Judgment Day and Jey Uso attempted to help Zayn but it was his superkick on Priest that caused Zayn to lose via DQ. The brawl continued, however, and Cody Rhodes soon joined the fray, nailing JD McDonagh with two Cross Rhodes on the announce table.

Rhodes then channelled his legendary father Dusty Rhodes as he called Damian Priest a “walk behinder” in a fiery promo to close the show.

AEW fans will remember all the way back in December 2019 when Rhodes was part of a feud with MJF that saw MJF use the Cross Rhodes – which he calls the Double Cross – during a match. Cody Rhodes took a shot at MJF as well as Damian Priest who was in NXT at the time following MJF’s attempt at the move Rhodes noted “At least they’re botching it on two channels now.” Perhaps Damian Priest hasn’t forgotten.