WWE Star Has First Match Since Skull Fracture

WWE Logo over skull fracture xray

One NXT star is back in a WWE ring after apparently suffering a gruesome injury at the hands of Bron Breakker.

On the 5th of September edition of NXT television, former NXT Champion Bron Breakker took on Von Wagner in a No Disqualification match. Breakker picked up the win but he did not stop there.

After the match Bron Breakker continued the attack on Wagner, targetting his head which has been an integral part of Wagner’s development in NXT. Wagner has revealed in recent months that a medical condition caused him to require surgery on his skull when he was just fifteen months old. It was that surgery that caused a prominent forehead that led to years of childhood bullying.

Bron Breakker took things further than bullying, however, as Breakker put Wagner’s head on the bottom set of steel steps before crashing down the top half onto Wagner’s head. However, before he struck the brutal blow, WWE cut to black, just leaving the audio of the incident with the commentary team selling the drama.

On the 12th of September edition of NXT, announcer Vic Joseph read out a statement giving an update on Wagner’s condition. Wagner was evaluated by medical staff and was diagnosed with a “minor skull fracture” following the assault. No timetable has been given for Wagner’s return to the ring. Despite the injury being apparently storyline there were people in WWE worried as the spot involving Von Wagner appeared to not go as planned.

Von Wagner Back In Action On WWE NXT

Von Wagner returned to WWE television on night two of Halloween Havoc where his friend Mr. Stone took on Bron Breakker in an attempt to exact some revenge. Breakker won that bout easily but afterward Wagner returned to NXT and took the fight to the former NXT Champion.

That led to Wagner and Breakker facing off on the 7th of November edition of NXT television with Bron Breakker picking up the victory. Von Wagner was the one who walked away from the fight however as he drove Breakker through the announce table before embracing Mr. Stone to mark his emotional return to the ring.