Unlikely WWE Star First To Know About The Rock’s Return

the rock wwe raw day 1 promo

A WWE star has recalled being sworn to secrecy about The Rock’s big comeback.

On January 1st, The Rock walked out on Monday Night Raw, kick-starting a run that will take him all the way to WrestleMania. Ahead of the show, WWE teased an appearance from a former World Champion who was initially introduced on the night as Jinder Mahal.

However, the whole thing was a swerve, and out came The Rock to cut a promo on Mahal and leave him laying. It was during this segment that The Great One made his first reference to the Head of the Table.

Appearing on The Gorilla Position, Jinder Mahal broke down how the segment came together, revealing he knew The Rock would be on the show only to be sworn to secrecy.

“I didn’t pitch it. I went home for Christmas. When I landed back in Tampa, I got a call from one of the writers, ‘I think you’ve probably seen on social media, we announced a WWE Champion will return.’ Yeah, it’s me, but….I knew a big kicker was coming. ‘There’s going to be a big switch, you’re actually with The Rock. Don’t tell anybody.’ I found out a few days earlier. What an awesome moment. I was super excited.

The Rock is one of the most amazing performers of all time. Super giving. Super easy. That was the most relaxed I’ve been in a promo. He’s an absolute pro. In the meantime, I’ve been working with an acting coach. That was a different side of me I got to show and I got a lot of positive comments and a very positive response overall in my performance.

Followed it up with a promo against Seth Rollins. Had a title match. All in all, was a great start to the year. I wasn’t planning on it, but luckily, I stay ready year-round. That’s WWE, anything can happen at anytime. Just like when I became WWE Champion out of nowhere,”

When asked what it was like working with The Rock, Mahal couldn’t say enough good things, explaining how the megastar always makes time to hang out backstage.

“Unbelievable. Obviously, he’s now a board member, so he brings a different side of entertainment to WWE. I believe it’s only going to make us bigger. Coincides with Raw moving to Netflix next year. It’s an amazing time. An amazing time for the company. We’re exploring uncharted territory in terms of growth. All of us performers in the locker room are super excited.

Dwayne is a very giving performer. Based off my experience, he’s always been super helpful. Anytime he’s there on Raw or SmackDown, he hangs out after. He’s super approachable, he gets along with everybody. Overall, it’s a positive thing.”

The Rock Breaks Character To Praise Rival

After fans rallied behind Cody Rhodes, The Rock pitched his own heel turn and has been leaning into a version of his “Hollywood Rock” persona ever since.

However, that doesn’t mean he’s tied to being a bad guy no matter what. In a post on social media, The Rock broke character to praise Triple H in the hours before a new documentary on their legendary rivalry hit screens.

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