WWE Star Calls On Fans To Respect Their Privacy

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A young WWE star is urging fans to be respectful.

When the WWE NXT 2.0 initiative started in September 2021, the company featured a lot of young talent. Many of the people on the shows at the time had barely on television before and some of them had no television experience at all.

Cora Jade is somebody who impressed right away at 20 years of age after learning how to wrestle a couple of years earlier. Jade started as a popular babyface and then turned heel on tag team partner Roxanne Perez.

Unfortunately for Jade, injuries have sidelined her for the last couple of years. In January 2024, Cora Jade suffered a serious knee injury during a WWE NXT match. The injury was a Torn ACL meaning she will be on the shelf for about nine months or more depending on how her rehabilitation goes.

Despite not being on television, Jade is popular with fans and isn’t shy about posting photos on Instagram, where she has over 500,000 followers.

Jade also felt the need to issue this statement on social media to fans who send her mail at home and even to her parents’ house.

I love and appreciate all fan mail but if you are going to send it please refrain from sending it to my personal address or more importantly my parents’. All fan mail can be sent to the PC addressed to me 🙂

Cora Jade Returned For A Promo At WWE NXT Live Event

During a recent WWE NXT live event, Cora Jade appeared in front of the crowd to deliver a promo since she’s a very strong talker. However, it was reported after that she was nowhere near ready to return to the ring.

The only championship that Cora Jade has won in her NXT career is the now-defunct NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles with Roxanne Perez. Jade has challenged for the NXT Women’s Title, but she has yet to win that championship. Perhaps that is something she will capture in the future.