Top WWE Star Was “Expecting A Problem” When CM Punk Returned

CM Punk

CM Punk has surprised one of WWE’s biggest names.

When CM Punk walked back into WWE at Survivor Series in 2023 many wondered how he would be received in the locker room. It’s no secret that Punk has proven to be a divisive figure pretty much everywhere he’s worked, with some in WWE being incredibly vocal about their dislike of the star.

However, Punk has reportedly received nothing but praise for his conduct backstage since returning — a contrast to his acrimonious departure from AEW in September.

Appearing on The Ringer Wrestling Show, AJ Styles admitted he was expecting Punk’s return to cause trouble, but he’s been pleasantly surprised. Punk and Styles clashed on social media back in 2020, and The Phenomenal One has several friends in AEW.

“I mean, if you know anything about A.J. Styles and CM Punk, you would know that we really don’t care for each other. But if you want me to ruin everything that you think you know, I can… Past performance predicts future behavior. Some over at AEW are my best friends, love ‘em, trust ‘em, know ‘em and I was expecting a problem when he came here and I was wrong.

The guy looks like he’s happy to be here. He looks like a guy that I’d wanna step in the ring with and tear the house down with him.”

Corey Graves Repairs Relationship With CM Punk

During a recent interview, Corey Graves revealed he and CM Punk are also back on good terms. Despite being incredibly close previously, the pair had a very public falling out in 2018, with Graves accusing the star of betraying him.

However, the announcer said he got to sit down with Punk at the Royal Rumble and they ironed out their issues.

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