WWE Star Wants To Enter Royal Rumble Match At Number 1

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As the Royal Rumble approaches, one confident WWE superstar wants to start the match at number one and win the whole thing to prove just how talented they are.

The 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble match started with Rhea Ripley in the number one spot followed by Liv Morgan at #2. And how did it end? With #1 Ripley eliminated Morgan at the 1:01:08 mark to win the match.

By going over one hour in the match, Ripley had the longest time in Women’s Royal Rumble match history. Ripley would use that positive momentum to go on to WrestleMania 39 where she beat Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown Women’s Title, which has since been renamed the WWE Women’s World Title.

In an interview with the Miami Herald, WWE Smackdown superstar Shotzi wants to do what Ripley did in this year’s 2024 Royal Rumble event.

“Number one! Number one. I want to be the longest surviving and win it that way. I am a workhorse and I want to prove myself. The best way to prove yourself is to come in number one and still win. I want to be there the longest. I don’t want any shortcuts. I want to work for my win.”

Shotzi Has New Gear Planned For The Royal Rumble

When it comes to being unique in WWE, Shotzi stands out with her spiked hair, going down to the ring in a tank, and being a risktaker. She also spoke about having a new look for the Royal Rumble.

“Of course, I have some new gear for the Rumble and a new entrance jacket. That is a must. My husband does a lot of my entrance jackets. Whatever you see me wearing for the Rumble, he designed it.”

Shotzi and her husband were married in Las Vegas in late December 2023 when WWE had a live event in the same city. Shotz even had a match in her wedding dress as well.

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