WWE Star Makes Surprising Comparison With The Undertaker

The Undertaker

A big-name WWE star has addressed being “somewhat similar” to The Undertaker.

Since moving to the main roster in April 2022, Gunther has established himself as one of WWE’s biggest stars. His hard-hitting in-ring style has earned him praise across the board and adoration from fans.

Fresh off the back of a record-breaking Intercontinental Title reign, the star won the King of the Ring tournament to earn a World Title opportunity at SummerSlam.

Several WWE veterans have spoken of their admiration of the star, including The Undertaker. Speaking during an appearance on the Witty Whittier podcast, Gunther discussed what it’s like to receive praise from The Deadman, commenting that he feels their in-ring work is “somewhat similar.”

“I mean, that’s great, obviously,” he began. “Like you said, the feedback of the fans is what dictates our journey, how successful that’s going to be, but I guess for every professional, it’s always something else when it comes from up here or a colleague. It’s nice to hear those nice things and I chat with him sometimes when we run into each other at a WrestleMania or something.

The style he worked for his career, I think it’s not that far off that he would be positive towards me because I think it’s somewhat similar,”

The Undertaker Denies Trying To Hurt Rivals

Meanwhile, The Undertaker has hit back at claims he deliberately tried to hurt fellow Superstars during matches. During his career, the legend was involved in several incredibly violent matches and moments, with some fans suggesting the action was a little too real for comfort.

However, the Hall of Famer said claims he set out to hurt people were wide of the mark. In regard to his violent-looking chair shots, ‘Taker said he swung a chair how he was taught, and pointed out how little was known about CTE at the time.

The star also denied trying to hurt Chris Kanyon because of his sexuality.

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