WWE Star Wants To Test Himself Against CM Punk

CM Punk WWE Raw

A rising star in WWE has his sights set on a future showdown with the returning WWE legend, CM Punk.

When CM Punk returned to WWE at Survivor Series in Chicago, it shocked a lot of people who thought it was never going to happen. However, all it did was prove that the phrase “never say never” was relevant in pro wrestling once again.

Since returning to WWE, CM Punk has kept himself busy by appearing on Raw, SmackDown and even NXT Deadline for an awkward promo with two-time WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.

On the December 11th edition of Raw, CM Punk chose the red brand as his WWE brand of choice moving forward. That’s not all because CM Punk liked hanging around with the NXT crew at Deadline so much that he went to the NXT tapings on Tuesday & Wednesday to offer advice to the NXT roster.

Grayson Waller is a WWE SmackDown wrestler who knows a lot about NXT since he had a lot of success with that brand. While speaking to Justin LaBar of TribLive, Waller spoke about how great it is to have CM Punk back in WWE.

“It’s great to have Punk back because obviously he’s a big name, he’s a big star. I got to sit backstage at SmackDown Friday and kind of sit at Gorilla position and watch him go out and talk. It’s a different vibe. For me personally, I’m not gonna go and ask for advice and kiss his ass or anything like that. That’s not who I am. But I am gonna sit back, and I’m gonna watch what he’s doing. I’m gonna be like wow, and I’m gonna take some notes in my head.”

“That promo he did on Friday, especially hearing the live crowd and everything was cool, but I had a bit of fun online with Punk before he came in. I like to play with the rumors and those type of things. I saw Punk backstage at Smackdown Friday, and I’m gonna leave it there. I don’t think anyone needs to know what that interaction was, but let’s just say we talked.”

Grayson Waller Isn’t Going To Suck Up To CM Punk

As he continued, Grayson Waller made it clear that he wasn’t going to kiss CM Punk’s ass like some people do.

“All I’ll say is, Punk has come back, and I was at NXT last night doing some stuff, and he was there, talking to all the young guys, giving them feedback, giving them advice. So he’s come back and he’s doing everything he can to help. But Grayson Waller’s not that guy. I don’t want to sit back and hear his advice. I don’t want to wear his merch shirt. I don’t want to put up a video of me at 12 years old, telling Punk he’s the best. That’s not who I am.”

“I want to test myself against him. Not just in the ring, but on the mic because that guy’s one of the best of all time. That promo he did in Ring of Honor about the snake and the devil, I’ve watched all those things. I appreciate everything he’s done for the business, but I’m not here to be a fanboy, I’m here to be a competitor.”

Up next for Grayson Waller is a SmackDown match on December 15th against Carmelo Hayes in the tournament to crown the next challenger for the United States Title.