WWE Star Wants CM Punk Fired After Clash At The Castle Actions

WWE CM Punk Drew McIntyre Referee

A veteran figure in WWE believes CM Punk should be gone from the company after how he screwed over Drew McIntyre at the Clash at the Castle PLE.

The stage was set for Drew McIntyre to become the World Heavyweight Champion again as he challenged Damian Priest for the title in McIntyre’s home country of Scotland at the WWE Clash at the Castle PLE.

As McIntyre battled Priest, the two big men knocked referee Eddie Orengo off the ring apron and into the barricade. Orengo left the ring to try to avoid the two men moments earlier. After they exchanged some moves, McIntyre connected with his Claymore Kick.

McIntyre covered Priest as the Glasgow, Scotland crowd counted past the three count because it should have been a win for McIntyre, but there was no referee. That’s when somebody in a referee shirt slid into the ring, counted one…two…and stopped. The camera panned over and McIntyre looked up to see it was McIntyre’s biggest rival CM Punk wearing a referee shirt.

An incensed McIntyre shoved Punk into the corner, so Punk kicked him in the groin with a blatant low blow. Priest recovered, hit South of Heaven, and original referee Eddie Orengo was there to count the pin to give Priest the victory.

The fans in Scotland were furious as was McIntyre while Wade Barrett on commentary blasted CM Punk. Barrett had even stronger comments toward CM Punk on the WWE Clash at the Castle post-show.

“That was the biggest screwjob in history, just beating Bret Hart. That is the new number one. There is a huge shadow cast upon this entire industry thanks to the actions of CM Punk. CM Punk needs to be fired by WWE management. For once, show some balls. Do what you’re supposed to do. This is a guy who wasn’t medically cleared to be in contact with any wrestler. He has now materially affected the outcome of two heavyweight championship matches.”

“What is CM Punk doing here? He wasn’t booked for SmackDown. He wasn’t booked for media. He wasn’t booked for Clash at the Castle. Are you trying to tell me he got a private jet all the way over to Scotland just to watch the show? He ruined this event.”

Barrett was joined on the post-show by former WWE Champion Big E, who noted that Barrett was a close friend of McIntyre, so he might be biased, which led to Barrett making his point clear.

“It’s about right and wrong; there’s no friendship about it. Call it down the middle. What would a lawyer say here? That guy shouldn’t be here. That guy needs to be fired. He is a disgrace.”

Triple H Criticized By Wade Barrett Due To CM Punk Comments

At the same post-WWE Clash at the Castle press conference, WWE’s Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque praised CM Punk heavily and spoke about how excited he is to have Punk back in the ring soon. Those comments, as well Punk speaking at the press conference, also led to Barrett continuing his rant.

“We have a guy in CM Punk who has materially derailed a massive show. It was the biggest arena gate of all time, as we just learned. He derailed it; he derailed a World Heavyweight Championship match, the dreams of millions of Scottish people, and, of course, Drew McIntyre. He should have been thrown out of the building. Or, in fact, he should have been thrown out for his own safety first of all. But to invite him to a press conference after that, give the guy donuts, and throw softball questions at him.”

“First of all, those journalists should be ashamed of themselves. And then to have the leader of this industry, the leader of WWE, a man who I have consistently respected, Triple H, come out and answer these issues with quotes like, ‘I’m happy to have Phil Brooks back. This is the Phil Brooks I want to see. Thrilled and excited to work with him.’”

“And here’s the real kicker, ‘Thank you, CM Punk, for helping change the culture behind the scenes at WWE.’ I cannot respect any of that. That is nonsense. The man is poison.”

While presenting these comments by Barrett, we also must note that Barrett is normally a heel announcer when he’s on Smackdown and any WWE show, so these comments disparaging Punk are in character as well.

As for CM Punk’s in-ring future, the former WWE Champion says that he hopes to be cleared to compete later this week and he could make an announcement about his return on Smackdown this Friday in his hometown of Chicago.

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