WWE Star Close To Snapping After Heartbreaking Loss

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The Elimination Chamber is the last chance for several WWE stars to book their WrestleMania place but for one star it meant even more.

For the first time ever WWE is bringing the Elimination Chamber to Australia on February 24th. Two massive Chamber matches will take place on that show with title shots at WrestleMania waiting for the winners.

The crowd will no doubt be firmly behind Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley as she heads home to defend her title against Nia Jax. But there could be one other Aussie WWE star set to miss out on the show.

Bronson Reed Misses Out On Major WWE Show

Raw in Lexington, Kentucky played host to three huge matches with spots in the two Chamber matches on the line. Liv Morgan qualified for the women’s match at the expense of Zoey Stark while LA Knight claimed a spot in the men’s match by defeating Ivar.

Bronson Reed missed out on a spot at the Elimination Chamber as he was defeated by Bobby Lashley. After Raw, Reed spoke in a WWE Digital Exclusive where he hinted that the loss that prevents him from wrestling in a stadium in his home country could be leading him down a much darker path:

Super disappointed. This is what I’ve dreamed about my whole life, being able to be on a WWE PLE in my home country of Australia, and I feel like I’ve let down my family, I’ve let down the fans, and I’ve let down all of Australia. I couldn’t get the job done tonight.

I don’t know where I go. I planned 2024 to be a big year for big Bronson Reed, and it’s not going to plan, so…I’m just at my wits’ end and eventually, I’m going to snap.

Bronson Reed also took to social media to apologise and make clear how heartbroken he was after the loss:

My whole life I dreamed of wrestling on a @WWE PLE in my home country. I’ve failed my people, myself and my family. Sorry.

Whether or not Reed makes it onto the show in another match remains to be seen but his current state of mind should serve as a warning to anyone else getting in the ring with him in the near future.

h/t WrestleTalk