WWE Star Claims They’re Leaving The Company

WWE logo over Brooks Jensen Josh Briggs

A WWE star is seemingly counting down the days until they leave.

In recent weeks, Brooks Jensen has let it be known he is far from happy with his standing in NXT. While former partners Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley have established themselves on television since their split, Jensen’s story has taken him in a different direction.

The son of former WWE Superstar Bull Buchannan has railed against the company on several occasions and he’s been turned away from the Performance Center and live events.

The former NXT UK Tag Team Champion followed that up by confronting Booker T and Vic Joseph on commentary before turning up unannounced at his father’s promotion.

During the June 10th episode of NXT, Brooks Jensen was pulled away from the commentary desk yet again after getting up close and personal with Joseph.

Brooks Jensen Says He’s Done With WWE

In a new twist, Jensen has now claimed he’s leaving WWE on June 21st. In a new post on social media, one fan speculated about what the star might be up to, concluding it’s probably “something crazy.”

In response, Jensen said he’s actually celebrating the fact he’ll be a free agent very soon.

It’s previously been reported Jensen’s employers have been impressed by his antics, and remain more than happy with how the storyline is playing out.