Former WWE Star Reveals Character Idea That Was Shut Down Quickly

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A former WWE superstar has revealed that when he pitched a unique name for his fans, the pitch was shut down very quickly.

Mojo Rawley worked for WWE for about nine years from the time he signed in 2012 to when he was released in 2021.

During his WWE career, Mojo was known for being a high-energy wrestler that loved to get the crowd energized and “hyped” up when he made an appearance.

While Mojo didn’t win any of the major titles in WWE, he did win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal in 2017 and held the “coveted” 24/7 Title once as well.

There was also a time when Mojo teamed up with Zack Ryder (aka Matt Cardona) to form a duo called The Hype Bros that had some success in NXT. They weren’t that successful on the main roster, but at least they had a lot of energy.

Most of Rawley’s WWE career was spent as a face, but he did have a brief heel run too. There was a period where he was speaking into a mirror while having some blue face paint on. That didn’t really get him anywhere.

On Twitter, Rawley revealed that he made a pitch calling his fans “Raw Dawgs” based on his “Rawley” last name. As he noted, that idea was shot down quickly.

“When I was wrestling as Mojo Rawley, I made a pitch to name my following “Raw Dawgs.” I would come to the ring and say “Where my Raw Dawgs at?””

“The pitch was declined before I could even finish the sentence.”