WWE Star Calls Out Megan Rapinoe After Viral Fan Interaction – “Shame”

Megan Rapinoe

A WWE Superstar has given his take on the actions seen by Megan Rapinoe.

The winger for the United States national football team hit the headlines following an old video that resurfaced online regarding her interaction with a young fan.

The viral video has drawn the attention of many, including WWE Superstar Veer Mahaan. The former baseball player turned wrestler quoted the video on his social media page, expressing his disappointment at the 2 time World Cup winner:

Gross. Never disregard the people that make you. The kindness you give or deny especially affects young fans and is never forgotten. This kid had an opportunity to meet a hero to him and he deserves better… at least respect. Shame.

While not prominently featured on recent WWE programming, it is expected that Veer Mahaan will be making an appearance at the upcoming WWE Superstar Spectacle event, which will be taking place in his home country of India.

Unable to repeat the success of the previous 2 tournaments, the USA team were knocked out of the FIFA Women’s World Cup after losing a penalty shootout to Sweden. Hall of Famer Donald Trump has given his opinion on the premature exit by the national team.

What Did Megan Rapinoe Do?

The clip in question shows Rapinoe being approached by a young fan asking for an autograph at the 2019 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. The star of the football field does sign the football but appears to make no eye contact or conversation with the fan, handing the ball back after completing the request.