WWE Star Vows To Bring Receipts After Brutal Raw Match

Sheamus blur WWE logo

Sheamus is looking forward to a brutal rematch.

On the June 3rd edition of Raw, Sheamus challenged Ludwig Kaiser to earn his respect when the pair met in the ring. Less interested in respect than victory, Kaiser attacked The Celtic Warrior as he made his entrance, forcing officials to break things up.

When the match got started properly, it was an intense fight that saw Kaiser continue to focus his offence on Sheamus’ knee. In the end, the strategy proved a success as the Irish star couldn’t follow through with a Brogue Kick, allowing Kaiser to gain the upper hand and eventually put Sheamus away when the attacks on the knee became too much and he was able to get a shock pin on the veteran.

Rather than being upset by the loss, Sheamus made it clear on Raw Talk that he wants more, claiming that was just the “first leg” of their rivalry. Now, on social media, the star has promised that the receipt will be “so damn sweet.”

“Oh the receipt.. is gonna be so damn sweet. #glovesareoff”

Sheamus Has No Interest In WWE Rematch With Gunther

Another brutal rival in Sheamus’ career is Kaiser’s leader in Imperium, Gunther. The pair have clashed several times, with each bout being more violent than the last. After their third encounter on the May 6th edition of Raw, though, Sheamus admitted that was enough, claiming there would be no fourth match between he and Gunther.