WWE Star Bayley Wants To Wrestle In Japanese Promotion

Bayley speaking at WWE Royal Rumble press conference

Bayley is looking to Japan for an interesting new challenge.

On June 11th it was announced that IYO SKY would face Utami Hayashishita at Marigold’s Summer Destiny on July 13th. The news was the latest confirmation that WWE is looking to work with several promotions following their recent union with TNA. While a link-up with Pro-Wrestling NOAH is also on the horizon.

Jordynne Grace got the ball rolling by showing up on NXT and challenging for the NXT Women’s Title. This is despite holding the TNA Knockouts Championship. Although she was unsuccessful in her match with Perez, it’s believed an NXT star will answer Grace’s open challenge at TNA Against All Odds.

Ahead of Battleground, Bayley planned to be in the front row to support Grace and Perez, but illness forced her to miss the show.

Bayley Looking To Team With Marigold

Despite missing Battleground, it seems Bayley has a crossover of her own in mind. In a new interview with Cultaholic, the star said she’s told bosses she wants to be considered for appearances in TNA, adding she’s “down” to appear in Marigold in Japan.

“The more that it’s been happening, it really didn’t hit me that it was possible until I saw Jordynne Grace come out on NXT. I immediately texted Hunter [Triple H] and texted Shawn [Shawn Michaels]. I wanted to be at the show. ‘I would love to be front row for this. It’s a historic match.’ Just to get my face out there.

‘Hey, I’m watching. I’m the champion. Can you consider me if we ever do something with TNA.’ I would love to do that just because it’s different, it’s exciting. It’s something that people will remember and the fans can really feel how real this all is.

It’s such a cool time in the business. Doing things like that is such an unpredictability that gets people excited in different ways. I would love to do something like that. Marigold. Rossy [Rossy Ogawa], I’m down. I’ve wrestled a couple times in Japan with WWE. I got invited to go to Japan right before I got signed but I couldn’t do it,”

Before she gets her Japanese dream, Bayley will be in action at Clash at the Castle where she’ll defend her Women’s Title against Piper Niven. The star won the gold at WrestleMania 40 with a win over IYO SKY.

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