WWE Star Faces Backlash For Bayley & Nia Jax “Booty” Comment

Bayley WWE Womens Champion

A WWE star hasn’t been winning friends online.

After excelling in NXT, Julius and Brutus Creed moved to Monday Night Raw in November 2023. Since then, the pair has continued to impress, and they’re expected to remain in a prominent part of WWE for years to come.

However, in recent days, Brutus has found himself making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In a video for his newly launched food review “BIG Brutus Bites” YouTube series, Brutus gave his thoughts on the Cheez It Crunch Wrap Supreme. But while making a comparison, he made a throwaway comment about two colleagues.

“I mean it’s huge… it’s big, it’s bigger than Bayley and Nia Jax’s booty!”

Although there was apparently no malicious intent behind the comment, some on social media were quick to criticise the star, questioning why he needed to mention the bodies of coworkers.

“Why would Brutus Creed even say this” – @IrishOreoReigns

“If Gable doesn’t get paired up with the Creeds, can we blame Brutus Creed.” – @StanimalSZN

“Welp there goes The Creed Brothers’ push. Damn it Brutus, why you had to f*ck it up by saying dumb sh*t like that.” – @BlueShadezRob

However, some fans felt the reactions from others were way over the top.

Some of y’all overeacting about that Brutus Creed clip.”

“No way people are actually trying to cancel Brutus Creed for that” – @Forbidden_Door_

“Man Brutus Creed did nothing wrong, y’all just trippin’” -@AleeqOrion

The Creeds Set For Major Role On WWE Raw

Back in April, it was reported WWE was planning on creating a new heel faction that would involve the Creed Brothers. At the time, it was suggested the pair would link up with Chad Gable following his heel turn.

Although the union has yet to take place, it seems the seeds have been planted, with Gable speaking with the former NXT Tag Team Champions on Raw in recent weeks.