WWE Star Arrested For Firearms Offence

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It has emerged that current WWE star Sonya Deville was arrested in February on one count of unlawful weapon possession – a handgun without a permit.

TMZ reported that Deville was arrested on February 19th in New Jersey when the gun was found by a car valet in the glove box and the police were called.

The report notes that the gun is registered in the state of Florida but that did not cover her having it in New Jersey. It is believed Sonya Deville started carrying the gun following the terrifying ordeal she was subjected to when a stalker broke into her home back in 2020.

Court documents are said to show that Deville – real name Daria Berenato – is due in court later in March over the offence. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has noted that the WWE star is in “the process of getting [the case] thrown out.”

Sonya Deville recently revealed that she is now engaged to be married to her girlfriend Toni Cassano and Sapp’s report suggests that the couple were out celebrating when the incident happened. There is believed to be “no heat” on Deville from WWE as a result of the arrest with the company said to be understanding of why she’d carry a gun following her earlier ordeal.