WWE Star Admits In-Ring Career Is Almost Over

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One WWE star has revealed they’re reaching the end of their career.

Carlito enjoyed a huge 2023 after returning to WWE at Backlash where he came to the aid of Bad Bunny in Puerto Rico. The huge reaction the former Intercontinental Champion got that night led to calls from fans for him to be brought back in on a regular basis, something confirmed at Fastlane where he joined up with the LWO.

During a new interview with Alex McCarthy for the Daily Mail, Carlito explained that his current run is all about giving back as his full-time career is nearly over. The star even admitted he’s “not what he used to be” — a surprisingly candid admission from an active wrestler.

“I just told them I was ready to come back full time, do as much as I can. I’ve got, very few years left, so I want to take advantage of the years that I have left in this business. I think I’m in a completely different space now. I know that I’m older, I know, I’m not what it used to be. But I know I still have a lot to give, there’s a lot in the tank.

And I guess my goals now is to mix it up with the young guys and just help the next generation of wrestlers and the business as best as I can putting in my little input on it. That’s that’s kind of my goal, too, to elevate the other guys.

We all know who Rey Mysterio is, and Escobar seems to be on a path going up. So, any other members that come in, the new guys, that’s what I want to do, to elevate them and make them just as big as any other part of the LWO,”

WWE Legend Rey Mysterio Also Eyeing Retirement

Carlito’s LWO teammate Rey Mysterio has also gone public with his retirement plans. Speaking in October 2023, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed that he plans to retire within the next two years.

Mysterio has been out of action since undergoing knee surgery in November.