WWE Star Admits Becky Lynch’s “Shameful Debut” Impacted Their Career

Becky Lynch WWE

Becky Lynch has been an inspiration to one WWE Raw star.

After all but giving up on her wrestling dream, Becky Lynch finally signed with WWE in 2013. She went on to establish herself as one of the Four Horsewomen and one of the biggest stars in the entire industry. But when she made her NXT debut those achievements seemed a million miles away.

The would-be megastar made her in-ring debut on the June 26th, 2014 episode of the show against Summer Rae, performing a stereotypical Irish jig on the way to the ring. In later years, Lynch has made no secret of her embarrassment at this moment, trying her best to forget it.

However, it was a moment that made a big impact on rising WWE star Lyra Valkyria.

Speaking in a new interview with talkSPORT, the Queen of the Ring finalist explained that Lynch’s debut showed her that it was possible for an Irish woman to make it to WWE.

“She’s been massively influential to me. She was the reason I started. Just seeing her doing her Irish dancing that she’s now very vocally very ashamed of!

Honestly, seeing her do that made me realise: ‘Irish person, oh my God, how did she get there?!’

That is what set the ball rolling for me. Even that ‘shameful debut’ as she calls it, it had such a massive effect, because here I am, in a way, because of that.”

Becky Lynch Taking Extended Break From WWE

Becky Lynch’s WWE contract will expire on June 1st, and she hasn’t signed an extension. The surprising detail means The Man will become a free agent within days, sparking speculation she could jump to AEW.

Despite this, it’s widely believed that Lynch will return to WWE, and she’ll be offered the biggest contract ever handed to a female star to make it happen. But that might not be for a while.

It’s been reported that Becky Lynch will be taking an “extended” break from wrestling, and it’ll be a long time before she’s back in the ring.