WWE Star Accused Of Concussing Opponent Several Times

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Former WWE star EC3 has taken Titus O’Neil to task over the number of times he has been concussed by him during their time in the ring together.

Titus O’Neil and EC3 were both a part of the original incarnation of NXT as a developmental brand making the move over from Florida Championship Wrestling. They shared the ring a number of times during this period, and it seems these encounters were not filled with happy memories for EC3.

Speaking on The Wrestling Outlaws, EC3 explained how O’Neil concussed him more than anybody ever had and suggests that other athletic prowess doesn’t always cross over into the wrestling world:

“I mean, I’ve been concussed more times by Titus O’Neil more times than anybody in my life. I’m constantly getting concussed and doing everything I can to protect my opponent.

“Titus [O’Neil] had a pretty prestigious college career and I think some NFL experience but sometimes it doesn’t translate. There have been times big, giant people they brought in to train to become wrestlers just couldn’t figure it out – world class athletes in one retrospect just couldn’t fall down.”

Titus O’Neil last competed in a WWE ring back in November 2020 and he is now mainly an ambassador for WWE and the company’s charity work. O’Neil was one of the hosts of WrestleMania 37 alongside Hulk Hogan and following Raw, fans now know who the host of this years spectacular will be.

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