WWE Smell AEW’s Blood With CM Punk Return Says Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette CM Punk

According to Jim Cornette, Triple H sent a message to Tony Khan and the entire AEW locker room by signing CM Punk.

On November 25th, Triple H, WWE, and CM Punk pulled off one of the greatest surprises in wrestling history, when the former AEW star walked out at Survivor Series. The move remained secret, with even the media in the dark over the huge deal.

Punk had left AEW back in September after being fired by Tony Khan following one backstage altercation too many. While a return to WWE was never impossible, considering the way in which he left the company in 2014, it appeared unlikely — at least for now.

However, Punk shocked the world as he walked out following the men’s WarGames match in Chicago to close the show.

Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, the veteran manager explained that he believes the signing is hugely significant, not only for WWE but for AEW as well.

“The point is they smell this sucker’s blood in the water and they are chomping on it because now Triple H has told everybody in AEW. Yeah, the guy that that your EVPs said was a cancer and that they couldn’t get along with under any circumstances they didn’t want to speak to they will meet with, they won’t work with, they will make up with, and their friends and minions hounded him and badgered him until finally face locked one of them. Well, now he’s going to main event WrestleMania.

That’s following the only EVP so far to date that has left that Titanic of a vessel who is probably going to main event the other night of WrestleMania because he’s the hottest babyface in the business. That’s what Triple H has just told these f*cking people that work for AEW that would like to get somewhere in their wrestling career that are not the EVPs and their immediate friends and minions that have milked his billionaire’s son out of a comfortable living forever many years this has been now.

But if you really want to go somewhere well here’s the gravy train folks over there you’re just eating the Purina f*cking generic dog chow.”

Tony Khan Quiet On CM Punk’s WWE Switch

Speaking in an interview with BBC West Midlands about the AEW All In, Tony Khan was asked about CM Punk signing with WWE. The AEW boss said it wasn’t the time or the place for comment, but even if he wanted to speak on the issue, he’s legally unable to do so.

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