Identities Of Cameraman And Ballerina From WWE Smackdown On December 23

wwe smackdown bray wyatt cameraman

There were two independent wrestlers used for segments on the most recent edition of WWE Smackdown and there’s more information about who they are.

The December 23rd edition of WWE Friday Night Smackdown was taped one week earlier on December 16th in Chicago. It was a show with a Christmas theme to it including the Miracle On 34th Street Fight that saw Braun Strowman & Ricochet beat Imperium’s Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci.

Bray Wyatt also had a promo segment on Smackdown where he stood in the ring talking about how he’s trying to be a better person. As he spoke, Wyatt broke down and ended the promo abruptly. He was kneeling down for a few moments and then he sprung to his feet to attack a cameraman in the ring. Wyatt took the guy down and gave him the Mandible Claw submission move where he puts his hand in the other guy’s mouth. It is the finishing move that Mankind/Mick Foley used for many years in the 1990s and Wyatt used as The Fiend many times.

As most savvy wrestling fans would know, the cameraman was not an actual camera guy and was actually an independent wrestler. The wrestler’s name is JT Energy, who has wrestled for six years and was trained by Seth Rollins at his Black & Brave Wrestling Academy in Iowa.

JT Energy tweeted about it: “I may never been the same again after being attacked by Bray Wyatt on Smackdown.”

There was also a well-known independent women’s wrestler that appeared on Smackdown.

During the Miracle on 34th Street Fight main event, Imperium opened up a present that was vertical and human-sized. When they opened it up, a ballerina started dancing while some ballet music started playing. The woman danced her way to the back immediately. It was done as a comedy moment more than anything.

That dancer was Ashley D’Amboise, who noted on Twitter that she has been a dancer since two years old, so she was a perfect fit for that unique role.

Ashley D’Amboise is an independent wrestler that is also a part of the Women’s Wrestling Army promotion that AEW’s Maria Kanellis-Bennett runs. Maria tweeted about it as well: “Yes!! Multiple talents, super athletic, speaks French and English, smart, beautiful, and sweet!! Keep fighting!! @WWrestlingArmy”

This was the third time that Ashley D’Amboise appeared on WWE TV this year since she was on the April 1st edition of Smackdown on the Los Lotharios Kiss Cam and April 11th on Raw as part of the Dana Brook/Tamina bachelorette party.