WWE Sign Much Hyped Free Agent

WWE logo over announce desks

It would seem that the influx of talent in WWE under the new regime isn’t done yet, with reports that another star of the independent scene has put pen to paper.

There have been plenty of returns to WWE since Triple H took the helm, however it seems like talent development is also high on his agenda, with a renewed focus on the talent coming through NXT.

A new report from Cassidy Haynes at has noted that former NWA competitor Corino has signed to join WWE and will be reporting to the Performance Center.

It would seem that this has been in the pipeline for a little while, as Colby Corino has been working through his independent dates and tying up storylines, including competing in a ‘Last Dance’ match against Homicide for Catalyst Wrestling.

Colby would join his father Steve Corino in the company, as the ECW stalwart and former ROH Tag Team Champion currently works backstage as a producer.

This won’t be the first time Colby Corino has competed on the company’s programming, as he was part of the short-lived Raw Underground segments. The fight-pit style matches took place in 2020, and were reportedly the brainchild of Shane McMahon – however, it was ill-fated and was pulled after just a few weeks.