WWE Sign Bumper Crop Of 14 Talents

Triple H WWE Performance Center

The Performance Center is set to be packed out with WWE signing up fourteen more college athletes to the company.

The WWE NIL (Name, Image & Likeness) program is designed to recruit talented college athletes while they are in college and give them a future with WWE if that’s something they want to pursue in the future.

Now WWE has welcomed fourteen more athletes to the company under those deals as they hope to find the next major dual sport star.

Who Is Part Of WWE’s Latest NIL Class?

WWE last added a class of NIL athletes back in January 2023 and now the newest class is made up of athletes from disciplines such as track and field, baseball, and gymnastics.

The athletes joining the company are –

  • Adam Berghorst, Indiana State (Baseball)
  • Bayley Humphrey, Baylor (Acrobatics)
  • Darci Kahn, Howard (Track & Field)
  • Desmond Coleman, Liberty (Track & Field)
  • Grace Stephens, Monmouth (Track & Field)
  • Jeremy Cody, Miami (Track & Field)
  • Josh Pearcy, Rice (Football)
  • Kali Terza, Kennesaw State (Track & Field)
  • Lucas Davison, Michigan (Wrestling)
  • Momen Zahid, William & Mary (Football)
  • Sirena Linton, Arkansas (Gymnastics)
  • Skyla Schulte, Michigan State (Gymnastics)
  • Slane Glover, Ohio State (Cheerleading)
  • Stephen Buchanan, Oklahoma (Wrestling)