WWE Showing Interest In Two Free Agents

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A new report suggests that WWE is interested in two free agents that have experience working at other wrestling promotions.

Since the start of 2023, there has reportedly been a hiring freeze in World Wrestling Entertainment. The reason for that is because Vince McMahon returned to the company as the Executive Chairman and made it clear he was going to sell the company.

On April 3rd, the day after WrestleMania 39, WWE officially announced that Endeavor acquired the company in a deal that combines UFC & WWE together as one entity worth over $21 billion. Earlier this month, it was announced that UFC & WWE together will be known as TKO Group Holdings.

While the talent hiring freeze is likely still in place since World Wrestling Entertainment hasn’t signed any prominent free agents in 2023, it has been reported that WWE is still talking to people and hoping to sign some fresh faces. The Endeavor-WWE deal is likely going to be official later this year, which could lead to many signings after that.

It was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Dave Meltzer that World Wrestling Entertainment is showing an interest in two veteran wrestlers.

“I don’t know if they will be signed but there has been talk internally in WWE of late about Richard Holliday because of the story of his beating cancer and in Tama Tonga, who there has been talk about for some time.”

Richard Holliday worked for Major League Wrestling but recently became a free agent. He had cancer in 2022, but he has since beaten it, and the 30-year-old plans to continue wrestling with an upcoming date for GCW in July.

As for Tama Tonga, he said that WWE was “knocking on his door” about coming into the company and he has been rumored about going to World Wrestling Entertainment for several months. However, the hiring freeze has put a stop to all signings at this point.