WWE Scrap The Miz & R-Truth Plans For Better Wrestlers Says Dave Meltzer

The Miz R-Truth WWE

WWE has put together a huge match for the March 11th edition of Raw but Dave Meltzer thinks two stars missed out due to the company wanting better bell-to-bell talent.

On Raw in San Antonio, Texas, General Manager Adam Pearce revealed that the March 11th edition of the show will see a massive gauntlet match take place with the winner getting a shot at the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania.

Ricochet, Chad Gable, Sami Zayn, Bronson Reed, JD McDonagh, and Shinsuke Nakamura will be the six men to take part in the match.

Did WWE Pull R-Truth & The Miz From Plans?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that despite WWE apparently figuring R-Truth and The Miz into plans for the match previously after Gunther mentioned both men on the previous week’s show, he believes the company wanted better in-ring competitors:

The interesting thing is if you remember last week when they were building this up, two of the key guys they were building up for this were The Miz and R-Truth and they were nowhere to be seen. So I think the deal must have been that they were gonna go with them and then they decided whatever they’re gonna do, they want better wrestlers.

You can see they loaded it up…Ricochet has not been around, JD who came from nowhere, JD hasn’t really shown it but he’s a fantastic worker and he and Gunther had fantastic matches in Europe years and years ago, almost match of the year level matches so those guys can work together great.

Richochet and Gunther have of course had fantastic matches in Europe as well and Chad Gable, great no matter what. Him and Gunther had some great matches at house shows and on TV. Sami Zayn, great worker, Bronson Reed, big power guy. They loaded this thing up next week so there should be some great in-ring action.

Gunther’s WrestleMania plans have already changed as he was set to face Brock Lesnar in a huge match. However, Brock Lesnar was pulled from WWE’s creative plans after he was implicated in the lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon.

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