WWE Roster Cuts Could Be Imminent

Vince McMahon WWE

The cuts to the WWE roster stopped following Vince McMahon’s retirement in July 2022 but now a report suggests, releases from the roster could be imminent once again.

While cuts to roster numbers are nothing new in WWE, beginning in 2020, the company oversaw a huge amount of releases with batches of stars let go from their deals over the following two years. When Vince McMahon stepped aside in the summer of 2022, the cuts stopped and his successor Triple H even brought back a number of former stars who had left under the previous management.

Now WrestleVotes has reported that cuts could be coming to the WWE roster ahead of Money In The Bank taking place at the beginning of July:

“I don’t know names at all, but I know a source that has said to expect a minor batch of releases prior to July 1, I think that’s just business. Hopefully I’m wrong on that one, but I would expect prior to the second half of this year, a few cuts just because of the circumstances that the company finds themselves in right now.”

WWE CEO Nick Khan already noted that “aggressive cuts” would likely be coming to the company as a result of the impending takeover by Endeavor but it was believed these would mainly be behind the scenes.

h/t GiveMeSport