WWE Figure Taking Ronda Rousey Criticism With A Grain Of Salt

Ronda Rousey WWE

A WWE star has given their thoughts on Ronda Rousey’s recent comments.

Writing in her new book Our Fight — which is due for release on April 4th, Ronda Rousey took aim at WWE, Vince McMahon, and members of senior management. She’s followed this up in interviews promoting the book, describing the company as a “sh*t show” among other things.

In fact, Ronda Rousey said she won’t return to WWE unless there are drastic changes.

Speaking in an interview with Bill Apter for Sportskeeda WrestleBinge, Corey Graves gave his thoughts on Rousey’s comments. The commentator said he was sorry that she had a negative experience with the company, but takes her criticism with a grain of salt.

“Listen, I take everything with a grain of salt, and if you’re in this business for any duration, you get used to letting those sort of things roll off your back. Everybody has a different experience in the WWE or in the wrestling business. Not everybody accomplishes what they set out to accomplish. Some people never expect to love it and fall madly in love with it. Y

ou look at a guy coming from a different world like a Logan Paul, who’s taken to this like a fish to water. He’s having a very different experience. Ronda came from the combat sports world, which is a very different world, despite being the same general flavor as wrestling, as WWE.

So I’ve always gotten along well with Ronda. Her personal experience is her personal experience. When my name is mentioned, I can add something, but you never really fault anybody…she’s entitled to her opinion.

I don’t necessarily say I’m inclined to agree, and I may downright disagree sometimes, but people are entitled to their opinions, and I’m sorry that she feels that way. She’s got a lot of fans around the world who were grateful for her time here,”

Ronda Rousey Accuses WWE Star Of Inappropriate Touching

During a new interview, Ronda Rousey accused Drew Gulak of pulling the string on her sweatpants. The former UFC star added that at the time Gulak was “barely an acquaintance” and she confronted him over the incident.

Rousey said the meeting put a sour taste in her mouth regarding WWE culture.

For his part, Drew Gulak has claimed the incident was a simple misunderstanding. Gulak said it was a “complete accident” and he never meant to touch her sweatpants, instead saying he was trying to shake her hand.

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