WWE Reportedly Not Paying Bonuses To Most Talent

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A new report has indicated that the days of bonuses being paid on top of what was guaranteed from a WWE Superstar’s contract are over, for most anyway.

Many former WWE stars have spoken of dealing with Vince McMahon in years gone by who was famous for offering stars “an opportunity” rather than guaranteeing big money upfront. Instead, stars would top up what could often be meager guarantees by climbing up the card and appearing on big shows in front of sold-out houses.

But now, it seems those days are over in WWE. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that by and large what is written in a WWE stars contract is now what they’ll be taking home:

“When you’re in WWE now, basically, you’re making… you sign a contract for a million dollars, just say. You’re making a million dollars.”

“There’s not a Saudi bonus, there’s not a pay-per-view bonus. There might be if you’re Roman Reigns… the super merch sale guys probably would get more, but most of the guys that’s not the case.”

“Most people are making what their contract says right now.”

The shows mentioned in Saudi Arabia have meant big business for the company with Shawn Michaels reported to have earned an astonishing sum of money for his appearance on one in 2018.

h/t WrestleTalk