WWE Report: Vince McMahon Upset During Lesnar Raw Segment Due To Crowd Chants

TJR Wrestling

Brock Lesnar returned to Raw last night after being away for the last two months. He was there to respond to Bill Goldberg’s Raw return last week where he said that Lesnar is “next…and last.” Paul Heyman did the talking like usual, but the segment did not go as planned.

According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio, Heyman was trying very had to get fans to chant for Goldberg, but instead they were cheering for Lesnar and chanting “Goldberg sucks” right before the segment came to a close.

Alvarez went on to say that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon “blew a gasket” because of the crowd reaction. It led to Vince ending the segment early with Alvarez noting that Vince pulled the plug right in the middle of it.

Why were they chanting for Lesnar? Because Raw was in Minneapolis, Lesnar spent a lot of his life there and it’s considered his hometown. Should WWE have been aware of this? Absolutely. Apparently they weren’t aware enough.

TJR Thoughts: It sounds as if WWE went into this thinking Lesnar would be the heel in this match with Goldberg. The problem is that Lesnar has been a face for the last 18 months thanks to the “Suplex City” catchphrase he coined at WrestleMania 31. Lesnar acts like a jerk a lot of the time and Heyman’s an annoying loudmouth, but fans also enjoy watching Lesnar beating the crap out of somebody.

There’s also no guarantee that other crowds are going to chant for just Goldberg and against Lesnar on the road to Survivor Series. Then there’s Survivor Series itself where it’s very possible that Lesnar is the one that gets more crowd support than Goldberg in Toronto because Goldberg ended the career of Canadian hero Bret Hart nearly 17 years ago.

My last point about this is that this segment was ended early and it took place nearly three hours into the show. Raw ended at 11:15pmET. If this segment went another five minutes then it would have been the longest episodes of Raw ever. Please WWE, have more awareness about the timing of the show. It’s too damn long.

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