WWE Refused To Cut Former Star’s Wages When They Returned To NXT

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One of the NXT black and gold era’s breakout acts was Sanity but like some others who make the jump from developmental to the main roster of WWE, things don’t always work out.

At various times Sanity was comprised of Eric Young, Sawyer Fulton, Alexander Wolfe, Nikki Cross, and Killian Dain. The group reached the height of its success at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III in 2017 when Wolfe and Young became NXT Tag Team Champions.

That success did not translate when the group was moved to the WWE main roster without Cross. Sanity lasted together for a year on the main roster before splitting with Wolfe moving to NXT UK to become part of the Imperium group.

Speaking to So Catch, Alexander Wolfe explained that he was excited about returning to NXT and even offered to take a pay cut but WWE kept true to his main roster deal:

“I was super excited because that saved my wrestling passion, my career as well because I was not in a good mood.

“I was still on a SmackDown contract, which was nice. I talked to them like, ‘Put me back on an NXT contract’ and they said, ‘Hey, we can’t do that, but the budget isn’t an issue so don’t talk about it’. So it was nice for me.”

Wolfe was eventually released by WWE in 2021 as part of ongoing budget cuts in the company, with Nikki Cross the only member of the group still a part of the company’s active roster.

h/t WrestlingInc