WWE Raw Leaving USA Network Months Before Netflix Deal

WWE Raw on USA logo

WWE Raw is on the move in January 2025 but fans of the show are going to have to wait to see where to find it in the last few months of 2024.

WWE announced a $5 billion deal with Netflix for Raw that will also see the streaming giant become the home to almost all WWE content in several territories around the world.

But with that deal not beginning until January 2025 and WWE’s current deal with the USA Network ending in October 2024, questions remain about where the red brand will be seen in the last few months of 2024.

USA Network Confirms WWE Raw End Date

Speaking on a video for POST Wrestling, Brandon Thurston revealed that he reached out to NBC Universal about what will happen with Raw in October 2024 and the company revealed that the show was finishing on the USA Network that month:

One of the unanswered questions we have is what is going to happen to Raw in October, November, and December when presumably Raw is not going to be on the USA Network. The Netflix deal – Netflix live in the United States is not going to start until January.

I asked NBC Universal and they did get back to me. A spokesperson said it’s correct that Raw will no longer be on the USA Network after October 2024. In regard to what is happening with Raw between October and December, it’s probably best to reach out to WWE. I did ask WWE, I haven’t heard back yet.

Fans might not have to wait long to find out what is happening with Raw, however, as Dave Meltzer added that he had heard back from WWE and the word coming out of the company was that an announcement would be made in relation to the issue very soon.

The other huge news coming out of WWE on the same day as the Netflix deal was that The Rock has been appointed to the TKO Board of Directors.

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