WWE Raw Star “Ready” For Major Singles Push

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One WWE star on the Raw brand is ready to make it as a singles star.

Chad Gable has stolen the show in WWE in recent weeks as he attempted to dethrone GUNTHER as Intercontinental Champion. On the 21st of August edition of Raw, he inflicted the first defeat on GUNTHER during his time on WWE’s main roster but only via count out meaning the title didn’t change hands.

On the 4th of September edition of Raw, the two men headlined the show in a match that received rave reviews. GUNTHER somehow held on to his title to beat the record for the longest Intercontinental Title reign in WWE history but it could be the night that a star was born in Chad Gable.

Gable has long been chiefly a tag team competitor in WWE, forming partnerships with the likes of Jason Jordan, Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Roode, and his current Alpha Academy partner Otis, but now the star could be looking for success on his own.

Chad Gable “done” with being thought of as a “tag team guy” in WWE

Speaking on After The Bell, Chad Gable explained why he feels he’s ready to break out as a singles star and that he put his future on his back ahead of his bout with GUNTHER:

“I truly feel at this point that I’m ready for this, as a singles guy. I’m done with just being labeled the tag team guy. There’s something in me that has clicked now. I’m ready, and I’m confidently telling you that. So here we are now for a singles title, and I’m going into this match remembering I put this on myself.

“I’m the one that gave them my word that said, ‘I’m ready, so you better fricking deliver, and if you don’t, they have no reason to believe you in the future. They have no reason to read your pitches anymore.

“They have no reason to say, Oh, he’s got some good ideas, let’s give him a chance. That’s on you.’ So going into it, one of my biggest motivating factors was that and coming out of it was full gratification.”

Despite failing to dethrone GUNTHER as champion, many believe Chad Gable will be the one to end The Ring General’s historic reign after Gable swore to God that he’d do just that during GUNTHER’s celebration on Raw.

h/t Wrestling Inc.