WWE Raw Star Hospitalized

WWE Raw Stage

A current WWE Raw star was hospitalized recently after they provided an update on social media.

At WrestleMania 39 this past weekend, Chelsea Green competed in her first WrestleMania. She was in a Fatal 4-Way Women’s Tag Team match where she teamed with Sonya Deville. The duo lost the match that was won by Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler.

Somebody call the manager because WWE Raw star Chelsea Green was hospitalized. She provided an update on Twitter on Thursday.

“I thought I celebrated my first Mania too hard ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿนโ€ฆ turns out I actually had a severe stomach bug & a distended gall bladder. (Thank god the manager of the ER took care of me. Will NOT be filing any complaints this weekend.)”

The “manager” thing is in reference to Green’s character on WWE TV as a “Karen” type that complains to WWE Official Adam Pearce or whoever is around on Raw (sometimes on Smackdown too). It’s an entertaining gimmick that Green pulls off well due to her unique personality that saw her portray some other unique characters in places like Impact Wrestling.

For the past five years, Green has worked in a few different wrestling companies because she worked for WWE and on the NXT brand. After her WWE release in 2021, she worked in other places like Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

In January 2023 at the Royal Rumble, Chelsea Green made her WWE return after it was rumored for months that she was coming back. That didn’t go great for Green since she was eliminated in about five seconds, but she has been getting consistent screen time since then.

Since Green posted that update on Thursday night, she has posted plenty of other times on Twitter while interacting with the likes of Pearce, Asuka and others.