WWE Raw Match Received Special Praise Backstage

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It’s rare for a match on WWE RAW to get plenty of time or have such high-quality in-ring action, but that’s what happened this past week.

There was a lot of action on the July 3rd episode of WWE RAW, but one of the longest matches to take place on the show was a Women’s World Title match between champion Rhea Ripley and Natalya.

The two of them have been embroiled in a feud for several weeks now, but for the most part Natalya has yet to have a competitive match to show that she actually stood a chance of winning the title.

That came to an end this past week when she lasted fourteen minutes in the ring with Ripley. And while Natalya failed to win the title, the match she had with Ripley is said to have impressed many people, according to a new report by Fightful Select.

According to the report, some WWE higher-ups that were willing to speak about the match noted that the grittiness of the match was appreciated by many people backstage. One anonymous person even went so far as to say that it should be the first thing anyone watches in the wake of Money In The Bank.

The match left both women with battle scars, with Ripley in particular leaving the match with her mouth busted open. However she wasn’t bothered by this or anything else, and both she and Natalya were said to have had fun with how physical the match ended up being.

The report concluded by noting that management officials in attendance were also happy with the match, so fans can expect more of these women in the foreseeable future on.

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