WWE Raw Match Goes Wrong As GUNTHER Gets His Next Challenger

GUNTHER WWE Intercontinental Champion

GUNTHER knew four of his potential challengers would meet for a shot at his WWE Intercontinental Title but it seems things may have gone wrong.

The Miz, Ivar, Ricochet, and Bronson Reed clashed on Raw in Wilkes-Barre, PA in a huge fatal four-way match with the winner earning a shot at ending the record-setting Intercontinental Championship reign of GUNTHER.

By the time the match was over, eight-time Intercontinental Champion The Miz was declared the winner but the referee was doing his best to cut short the celebrations.

The Miz’s victory came when he countered a Tsunami attempt from Reed into a roll-up while Ivar also hit a moonsault on Ricochet. The referee placed themselves between all four men to count simultaneous pins but Ricochet kicked out while Reed didn’t leaving the referee no choice but to call the match for Miz. After the match, Ivar took out The Miz and hit a moonsault on GUNTHER’s new number one contender.

Did Injury To Ricochet Cause The Miz To Win On WWE Raw?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez pointed to a spot early in the match where Ricochet took a bad landing and was checked on by the doctors before continuing. Alvarez also noted his belief that The Miz was not meant to win the match in the manner he did:

“So what happens is the two big guys go up to the top rope and Ricochet and Miz are laying in the middle of the ring. And Ivar goes for a moonsault on Ricochet and hits it, Bronson goes for a splash on The Miz but Miz moves and he cradles him. So the ref drops down and counts both of them down, one, two, Ricochet kicks out, the referee looks confused and then he counts three.

“Miz starts celebrating, he’s celebrating on the middle rope and you can see the ref go over to him going ‘no Miz, no, no, no’ and then you hear the ring announcer go ‘the winner of the match…’ and the referee runs over and is going ‘no, no, no’ trying to get her not to announce the winner and she announces The Miz.

“If you watch the match this was not the planned finish. Everyone in the ring is confused and the referee is violently trying to stop The Miz celebrating and to stop the ring announcer from announcing him as the winner. I’m 99% positive that Ricochet was also supposed to be pinned but he kicked out because he was messed up.”

Alvarez also noted that Ricochet is now in concussion protocol in WWE but it remains unknown if he’ll miss any time from the ring as a result.

Also on Raw, Adam Pearce announced WarGames for Survivor Series as the night ended with eight of the brand’s top stars battling around the ring.

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