WWE Producer Calls Ex-Star A “Lying Piece Of Sh*t”

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A WWE producer is no fan of a former star.

After spending a decade with WCW, Buff Bagwell arrived in WWE in 2001 when the promotion was purchased by the sports entertainment giant. However, his WWE career was over before it really began.

On the now-infamous July 2nd episode of Raw in Tacoma, Washington, Bagwell took on Booker T in the main event as a prelude to the relaunch of WCW. The match was incredibly badly received by fans and caused plans for a brand split involving WCW to be scrapped entirely. A week later Bagwell was fired for his performance and reported poor attitude.

During this period there were reportedly run-ins with Jim Ross involving Bagwell’s mother and a backstage altercation with Shane Helms. After the incident with Helms, Bagwell claimed he needed 20 stitches.

While the altercation was more than 20 years ago, there is little evidence that Helms has mellowed towards Bagwell.

On social media, Helms made fun of Donald Trump, and in response, a fan claimed he “cost Bagwell his contract.” Firing back, Helms said Bagwell was a “lying POS.”

I didn’t either. Buff is a lying POS. Always has been. There were witnesses there and NONE agree with Buff.

In response to a different, more measured message from a fan, Helms said Bagwell had a history of blaming others for his problems referencing a recent episode of Dark Side of the Ring looking back at his career.

He used to blame Jim Ross too. Blamed everyone except the man in the mirror. Nothing wrong with failing at something, but accountability is key. Everyone associated with that episode of Dork Side can suck ass.

Helms went on to write that the Dark Side of the Ring episode was a waste of time, calling the decision not to reach out to him for an interview “a trashy thing to do.”

Buff Bagwell Claimed WWE Led To Depression And Addiction

Speaking in October 2022, Buff Bagwell said his failed WWE run played a huge role in his mental health problems and issues with alcohol.

After leaving WWE, Bagwell eventually landed in TNA Wrestling before making regular appearances on the independent scene.