WWE Plans Happening Faster Following Departure Of Vince McMahon


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is working more quickly under the Triple H regime.

It’s notoriously known throughout the world of professional wrestling how Vince McMahon used to do thing while he was running WWE, and on a lot of different subject matters as well.

One of those matters used to be time, where McMahon would not have his complete plans figured out until a last minute scenario. However, according to Fightful Select notes from WWE Raw and Smackdown, things are moving quicker in the promotion under the new leadership of Paul “Triple H” Levesque.

With Triple H being out due to COVID-19, though he was fine throughout the process, Brian “Road Dogg” James would assist with the running of last Monday’s Raw. Despite all of that, however, the show was nearly completed by Sunday evening. Under the McMahon regime, according to accounts, McMahon wouldn’t have his plans figured out until right before tapings Monday.

For WWE Friday Smackdown, most of the creative was figured out by the afternoon on Thursday. McMahon, again according to accounts, wouldn’t have his plans figured out until late Friday before the recording of the episode.

Triple H has also been making big changes to World Wrestling Entertainment’s Premium Live Events.