WWE Pivot Storyline After Scrapped ‘Viral’ Plans

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For those watching Money In The Bank at home, it was impossible to escape WWE’s obvious intent to ‘go viral’ with one moment on the show meant to generate excitement online.

Logan Paul is no stranger to a viral moment online and since he entered the world of WWE, he has generated more than his fair share of conversation and GIFs, perhaps none more so than his moment at the 2023 Royal Rumble where he and Ricochet collided in mid-air after both men attempted springboard clotheslines.

With Paul and Ricochet both in the men’s Money In The Bank match in London, England it was clear WWE was hoping to have another newsworthy moment on their hands and when tables were set up at ringside it became apparent what that might be.

Logan Paul and Ricochet were attempting to climb a ladder when they were tipped off, but rather than landing in the ring or even crashing to the floor, they stood on the top rope before Ricochet grabbed Paul and sent them both crashing to the outside through the tables with a Spanish Fly. However, although the move was executed it was a scary moment as both men’s feet got caught up in the ropes as they attempted to stand on them after coming off the ladder.

Despite the hesitation, Ricochet still grabbed Paul and although both men escaped unhurt if not unscathed, it was a scary moment for those watching. Typically because of that, the spot generated a lot of buzz online but perhaps not the universal acclaim WWE was hoping for.

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Now speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has explained why WWE chose to shoot an angle of the two men brawling after the show following the spot not going quite as planned:

“The idea was that spot that we talked about (the Spanish Fly through the tables) was supposed to be like this viral thing and it would go crazy and that was gonna lead to the match. And, people did see it, but it wasn’t as smooth to lead to the match so they did that angle (the backstage brawl) instead.

“They’re gonna shoot the angle next Monday on Raw to lead to the match. Instead of doing a ‘marquee’ match for Logan Paul, I think they want to get him to do an incredible athletic match, and Ricochet’s your guy if you wanna do that.”

Ricochet has issued a challenge to Paul to meet him face-to-face in the ring when Raw heads to Buffalo, New York ahead of a likely SummerSlam match between the two men.

h/t WrestleTalk