WWE Pitched For One Unexpected Star To Open A Dating Site

WWE Raw Tag Team Battle Royal

A former WWE writer has revealed that there were plans in place for a surprising star to be given a character that would have opened a unique dating site.

The Viking Raiders have been part of the main roster in WWE since 2019 and despite capturing the Raw Tag Team Championship they have yet to fully replicate the success they had in NXT. During the pandemic, Erik and Ivar were part of a feud with The Street Profits that could have gone in an interesting and unexpected direction.

Speaking on the Public Enemies Podcast, former WWE writer Chris Dunn noted that there were plans for one WWE star to open a dating site for Vikings that are single and ready to mingle:

“One thing that got cut every single week was, I was doing all the off-sites with the Profits and the Viking Raiders. I became really close with those guys, all four of them. We – that’s also too, [we were] trying to take an idea that’s not great and turn it into something. Because the original concepts for that, not great, but it worked out really well.”

“When we kind of accidentally made Ivar a ladies man character, we wanted to have him talk and eventually open a website that would be ‘Vikings Only,’ like Farmers Only [laughs]. I think we changed it because of OnlyFans, to keep people [from] getting confused, to Vikings Mingle. We literally had it in the script for seven to eight weeks, and because of how crazy the pandemic stuff was, things kept on changing on the fly all the time.”

h/t WrestleZone